Events » 1958 and 1968 Leavers' Reunion and OA Tide Celebrations

The 1968 and 1958 Leavers' will celebrate their 50 and 60 year reunions respectively over OA Tide on the 23 and 24 November 2018

Accepted as at 28 September 2018:


Bird, John Henry 
Brown, Colin Cloete   
Campbell, David Tennant   
Coke, Wenman John    
Cox, Brian Douglas   
De La Harpe, Anthony Edward   
Flack, Hugh 
Hall, Euan Keith Campbell   
James, Anthony Ross 
Martin, Jeremy David Morton  
Mcgee, Bryan Colville  
Rennie, John William Linsingen  
Bond, William Laurie   
Park, Thomas Clive  
Sykes, John Eaton Evelyn   
de la Harpe, Anthony Edward
Ratcliffe, Richard Stansfield 
Jacot-Guillarmod, Edouard Jean   
Murray, Michael Everitt Cawdry 
Pringle, William Dods 
Mcnaughton, Paul   
Walton, David Stewart   
Bassingthwaighte, Peter Leary 
Bridges, Peter Noel 
Catherine, Anthony Hinton   
Hart, Peter Clive Lyon    
Hipkin, Ian Bland  
Louw, Douglas Christopher 
Parkes, Douglas Edwards 
Patterson, Norman William   
Plumb, Richard John   
Jarvis, Robert Sydney Kuys    
Child, John Graham
Rowan, Peter Athol Charles
Betts, Peter Rawdon  
Galpin, Ashton Carter 
Dales, Dunbar Hartley 
Hart, Hugh Meintjes    
Uys, Paul Stewart    

Please CLICK HERE to view the draft programme

For further details please contact Bridget Rippon on 046 6031531