Events » 2009 Ten Year Leavers' Reunion

The 2009 Leavers' Ten Year Reunion will take place over 2019 KDay Weekend.

The reunion Function will take place on Friday 14 June 2019


Accepted as at 15 March 2018

Austin, Bruce George    
Luttig, Justus Ludolf    
Darby, Jack 
Delport, Willem Jacobus Gerhardus 
Hofman, Paul Nathan   
Hops, Nicholas James   
Macdonald, Grant Archibald    
Makamure, Brian Danidzirai
Mclintock, Sean Terence 
Mills, Nicholas John  
Mullins, Rhett Geoffrey   
Niven, Thomas Fitzpatrick   
Risely, Greg Andrew   
Swart, Justin-Niall 
Webb, Christopher Hayden Miles    
Xaba, Vuyisa Abongile Rotoli    
Hird, Nicholas Craig   
Wang, Tyrone    
Hofman, Paul Nathan    
Steynberg, Renier   
Reitzer, Nathan David   
Campbell, Ross Duncombe   
Landman, Christopher Carl    
De Vrye, Jonathan Alan 


If you would like to play in the OA vs OK hockey match please contact Matthew Spurr or call on 072 606 6640

If you would like to play in the OA vs OK Rugby match please contact Justus Luttig

Lets celebrate this milestone weekend!

For further details please contact Bridget Rippon or call on 046 6031531