Events » 1959 and 1969 50th and 60th Leavers' Reunion

The 1959 and 1969 leavers' Reunion will take place over OA Tide 22- 24 November 2019

The 50 and 60 year leavers are invited back to College to celebrate this milestone occasion.

Please CLICK HERE for the Draft Programme

For further information please contact Bridget Rippon on 

List of Accepted as of 17 September 2019


Cox, Brian Douglas  

Pringle, William Dods (Ii)   

Tisdall, Michael Charles    

Leith, Stephen John Scott   

Sutherland, Douglas Ross  

Jacot-Guillarmod, Edouard Jean 

Mackenzie, Basil Louis 

Rennie, Alastair Ian Hilson 

McManus, Philip Edward Odin     



Ebden, John Bardwell (Ii)   

Oliver, Simon Guy Howard 

Patterson, Mark Richard   

Johnson, Garth Andrew 

Southey, Timothy John 

Inggs, Michael Raymond 

Sparg, Brian Ralph   

Louw, Douglas Christopher

Palmer, Michael Geoffrey    

Beaumont, Rodrick Anton 

Voss, Jonathan George 

Woolley, Charles Dyke   

Louden-Carter, Graham Philip 

Grant, Donald Arthur Cardross   

Hodson, Derek Anthony   

Mullins, Douglas John    

Girdwood, David Laurie Charles    

Lovell, Michael Scott    

Everingham, Nigel Ainge 

Pollock, Andrew John Whitfield   

Rawbone-Viljoen, Peter James 

Harvey, Jocelyn Vernon Wynn   

Heering, Paul