The Boxer Scholarship

Through a magnificent anonymous contribution by an Old Andrean, the prestigious ‘Boxer’ Scholarship was launched in 2005. The ‘Boxer’ Scholar is selected on the basis of remarkable leadership qualities and potential, combined with significant all-round achievement.

The name given to the scholarship was chosen by a donor who boxed during his high school and university years. He believes the sport emphasizes some of the ‘Boxer’ Scholarship qualities of tenacity, determination, leadership, sportsmanship and character. Boxing, he feels, helps transcend a fear of physical challenge and a fear of conflict.

With a new ‘Boxer’ Scholar being selected for each Grade 8 intake, the ‘Boxer’ Scholarship is making a dramatic impact not only on the boy selected, but on College as a whole.

St Andrews College Boxer Scholars

2005 Jonathan Alan de Vrye
2006 Jonathan James Arnot
2007 William Hugh Alexander Cahill
2008 Christopher Daniel de Blocq van Scheltinga
2009 Jonathan Michael Gibbs
2010 Robert Charles Ball
2012 James Robert Lawson Wood
2013 Robert Patrick Quarmby
2014 Cameron Baillie Lovemore
2015 Andrew Gordon Coxwell
2016 Elliot Alexander Apps
2017 Miles Alexander Willian Jackson
2018 Michael Owen-Jones