The Rev William Philip Scholarship

Rev William Philip was a prominent figure in Church and educational circles in the early history of St Andrew's College and the Anglican / Mullins Institution. He was a very prominent citizen of Grahamstown whose legacy will is fondly remembered.

He was an Mfengu - hence the Anglicized name (his Xhosa name was Mbali but this was never used and his Philip descendants are doubtless still in Grahamstown.).  He was baptised by Canon Mullins at a rural mission but became a pupil at the Mullins Institution in the 1860s, where he was trained as a teacher and a priest in the 1870s and 1880s. He was on the staff of the Mullins Institution for many years and was Deputy Principal, running the Institution when Mullins was away in England with great efficiency and whose letters praise him warmly.  He was a prominent missionary in the Diocese and he assisted Canon Woodrooffe in translating the Prayer Book into Xhosa.  He became involved in the early political movements to defend the Cape African franchise and was considered in Grahamstown as a man of great stature.  As part of the Mullins household (in what is now Graham House), he was a true product of the early history of St Andrew's College and the Mullins Institution.

Notes supplied by Dr Marguerite Poland
July 2017

St Andrews College Rev William Philip Scholars

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