Words of Thanks from our Pupils

‘I just wanted to write this e-mail to thank you for your generous funding that enabled me to study at St Andrew’s College.  By studying at St Andrew’s I was able to realise my potential and excel no only in the classroom but on the sports field.  Also having made lifelong friendships with my fellow peers, my gratitude for granting me the opportunity to study at St Andrew’s is eternal.’

‘Trinity term has been a successful one for me, academically and sporting wise. In the boarding house, I have continued to build on friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s also great to have whole bunch of friends with completely different cultures: some are from Zambia, others from Kenya and some from South Africa. With hard work and commitment, I will strive to do well. All of this has been possible with the opportunity you have given me, and I would like to thank you for it.'

‘Thank you for sponsoring the Boxer scholarship and for all the opportunities that come with it. I hope to live up to the expectations of a boxer scholar and to try my best in absolutely everything I do as well as create, for myself a valuable place in society. I intend to do my absolute best with the opportunity that has been given to me.’

‘I would like to estend my sincere heartfelt gratitude for your generosity that gifted me with the opportunity to study at the wonderful school known at St Andrew’s College.  the experience was an unforgettable one that gave me many moments to cherish and taught me many life lessons.  Nec Aspera Terrent, are words that will forever be close to my heart both in the present and the future.  I would not have been able to achieve all that i have achieved without your kindliness; this is why i would like to say Thank You.  You have given me the keys to open doors i never would have dreamt of opening before.’