News » The Bell Note - St Andrew's College Rowing 1958 - 2018

"The stroke is one long sweeping movement with legs driving all the way through. The objective is to accelerate the boat to maximum speed. Imagine that the end of the blade is locked onto a fence post in the water, so that you are pulling the boat past a fixed point. You should hear a “bell note” or “ker- choomf” sound as you hit and drive the weight together".
Doncaster Rowing Club - Introduction to Rowing Technique
The Bell Note is the story of the St Andrew's College Rowing Club - founded in 1958 by Axel Ohlsson and initiated by Thomas P Bligh, a scholar at the time. Like the history of College itself, the book is peppered with stories of great characters, fascinating anecdotes, and anecdotal tales of mischief and antics that only the passage of time allow to be told! And always, in that true College tradition, tales of the underdog, never giving up, fighting against almost impossible odds, ending triumphant.

It makes for fascinating reading, bringing to life great names - generational names - names of families who now through deed, legacy, or progeny are inextricably woven through the fabric that is College.

The Bell Note is available in hard cover copy (R1250.00) or Bovine Leather Bound (R2950.00) and would make an excellent gift or addition to your coffee table collection. In order for us to finalise the number of books to be printed, please place your order with Viv Holmes: