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Message from Gareth Allman

I am delighted to report that the positive momentum at Prep continues with boundless enthusiasm.
We commenced the start of the school year with the highest January enrolment figures in more than 15 years and once again, our boarding numbers are strong. We have an outstanding team of teachers and support staff in place who  ensure that the Preppies are superbly well taught, coached and looked after in our boarding houses.
We are developing exciting plans for the continued upgrades of our facilities. This plan, 'Project Amplexus', has its roots in the 2012 Strategic Plan where-in one of the strategic imperatives determined was to improve all facilities as and where required.  This is in order to;
-  provide the best possible education for our pupils,
-  make the best possible use of all existing facilities,
-  to develop / create facilities that are at least comparable with the best Prep school facilities in the country and which are preferably superior in nature.
-  effectively market the school to potential parents, thereby contributing to a maximum possible school enrolment leading to improved financial viability, and to,
-  provide the staff with the best possible work environment to ensure the highest calibre staff are recruited and retained.
In the words of Pat Riley, “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” This is indeed the mind-set at Prep!


A quote from Prep teacher at the beginning of 2015:

“When I walked in through the Parnell gate on the first day of term, to the boisterous sounds of boys playing a game of Stingers in the music courtyard, the pulsing beat of marimbas and drums in the percussion room, and the smell of fresh toast wafting from the dining room, I was struck, as I am every year, that though the pace of change in our world is so rapid …technology, information, travel, social networking … the spirits of children are unaltered. The joy, energy and ingenuity of Prep boys make them timeless.”


PREP turns 130!

St Andrew's Preparatory School celebrated 130 years of education excellence on Friday 30 January. The doors of the Junior School opened in January 1885 and have seen thousands of pupils from across the globe pass through its doors since.
Dressed in the colours of the Prep flag, complete with paper crowns and painted faces, the 270-strong pupil body sang the school song with gusto after the new Grade 1s put laminated hand prints into the new Founders' Day Vault.
A massive cake celebrating the event was later donated to the Eluxolweni Childrens' Shelter for the boys and staff to share.

As a combined school model, St Andrew's Prep, St Andrew's College and the Diocesan School for Girls this year celebrate 430 years of time-proven excellence in education. 

PREP's new induction ceremony

A new tradition was born at Prep this year with the induction ceremony whereby all the Grade 4 boys were presented with their first school tie with their name embroidered on the back.


Old Preppie Ege White's son, Bert, is inducted into Prep

The traditional plain navy tie that is usually purchased along with other uniform items is now presented to the boys during the first assembly by the Headmaster at the beginning of the Senior primary phase.
Citing the Preppie code of conduct, Headmaster Gareth Allman talked the boys through what is expected of them going forward. The instilling of manners and respect in pupils being one of Prep's top priorities, those present were asked to be on time, to communicate well and to adhere to the school's rules and principles. Along with personal and campus tidiness was the added expectation that boys will greet visitors, wait at doors for them, help wherever they see the need and go out of their way to befriend new or visiting pupils. Placing their hands over the Prep badge over their hearts, the boys solemnly agreed to do their best to become True Blue Preppies.


Preparatory Schools' Cricket Festival hosted by Prep

2015 marks the 21st consecutive staging of the Preparatory Schools' Cricket Festival and Prep, celebrating its 130th anniversary, are the hosts.

The Festival begins this weekend and is regarded by many as the premier junior schools' cricket festival in the country. The top schools participating from the Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria regions are St John's Prep, St Stithians Prep, The Ridge School, Highbury Prep, Cordwalles Prep, Merchiston Prep, Clifton Prep, Western Province Prep, Kingswood Junior and St Andrew's Prep.

Each year the host school may choose to invite additional schools to attend the festival. We have chosen to send additional invites to Waterkloof House Prep (Pretoria) and Musikili Primary (Zambia) as we have special relationships with both of these schools.

This is a celebration of cricket to foster all that is noblest in the game and to draw together young cricketers from different parts of our country in a spirit of keen and friendly competition,” says Prep coach Zane Plescia.


One of the long-standing traditions at Prep is the Picnic at Grey dam at the start of the year. Boys are put into groups and a competition is held to see which group makes the best fudge  in a potjie pot!


New Gransden-Currey Multi Media Centre for Senior Preppies

Seen here:  Prep Deputy Head Boy, Dylan Bowker, Mr and Mrs Bryan Gransden and Prep Headboy, James York

St Andrew's Preparatory School recently opened up a state-of-the-art, cutting edge media centre, housing the most modern desktop PC's, with fast broadband connectivity in a spacious lab designed specifically, with boys in mind, and for ease of individual support.

The multi-purpose, collaborative, Wi-Fi supported work space offers a full bank of iPads for the pupils to use in creating new media, thereby visually depicting their knowledge and thinking skills. It also offers 'Green Screen Technology'.

The library, with quotes abounding to inspire, offers a tranquil node to the media-centre for boys to pick up a favourite book, relax and read.

By means of opening up and combining a variety of smaller rooms within the gracious 109 year old school house building, whilst maintaining the building's heritage integrity, the new media centre is bright, open-plan and comprises of a library, computer lab and a collaborative learning area.

The centre was officially opened by an Old Preppie, Mr Bryan Gransden, now resident in Canada, who made a significant donation to support these developments.


You know you're in Grahamstown when a small herd of cows visits Prep!

Old Prep Supper

Old Prep Supper was magical and humorous, nostalgic and raucous at the same time. The St Andrew's College and DSG Matrics who began their journey at Prep gathered in the appropriately named Memory Hall once again for a final feast together before they end their school careers. Joining them were Old Preppies from across the Globe, along with staff from the three schools.

"St Andrew's doesn't make you any better or worse," the College Deputy Headboy and past Prep Headboy said in his speech; "it makes you who you are." To this he raised a toast, "to the best primary school in South Africa".

"We had the time of our lives" - DSG Head Daygirl and Old Preppie said in her speech about her years at Prep. Using a toy shop as a metaphor, she said, "... we didn't just play with jigsaw puzzles, we created the images and thereby the memories. Our teachers, the custodians of the toy shop, looked on benignly, keeping us safe, guiding us, teaching us."

Chairman of the Old Prep Association, Gavin Keeton, addressed the boys and guests. Click here to read his speech.

After a sumptuous meal, tradition dictated that it was time to sing the Prep Song: "I'll Sing You One-Oh!" led, as usual, by Old Preppie Lorraine Mullins.

I'll Sing you One-Oh! Watch the video clip at


After the Prep Song, everyone gathered in Tigers Dorm for the entertaining Monkey Dorm Races. The room, emptied of furniture except for some benches lining the walls, was sectioned off into lanes. Forming teams of pupils vs Matrics - both College and DSG - and, in the end, stooges, the Monkey Dorm races began.  

Our little Grade 4s stayed up to watch the goings on (not that they could have slept through it!) and although some of them battled to stay awake, they thoroughly enjoyed watching the bigger people scooting, shuffling, sprinting and striding down the lanes in relays.

Watch the Monkey Dorm Races in these two video clips!



The Reunion group of 2014
A large group of Old Preppies enjoyed the OP Association AGM, tea on Robert House lawns and the Prep Ramble. 

Click here for the Minutes of the Old Prep AGM held in 2014

Prep Headmaster, Gareth Allman, and Old Preppies, Edward Coke the 7th Earl of Leicester and his brother John Coke with their wives.  The Coke brothers paid Prep a visit in November 2014 whilst Edward Coke attended his 50th reunion at College. 

The 2014 Grade 7 Headboy James York and Deputy Dylan Bowker carving their names onto the boards.

Call for Old Prep ties: 

Since Prep turns 130 this year and we would like to 
personalise our Clubhouse — proudly named the Jimmy and Arthur Mullins Pavilion — with signed neck ties from Old Preppies across the globe. Please would you sign a tie — any tie, not necessarily a Prep tie — with your name and dates at Prep and send it to:

Mrs Jess Fick
St Andrew's Prep School
PO Box 187

We have received 62 ties from Old Preppies so far!

I'll Sing You One-Oh!

'll Sing You One-Oh! begins the Prep song, and so begins the Prep story... "I'll Sing You One-Oh!" traces the carefully researched history of a small day school born out of necessity, then nurtured by a dream to become the Mullins family's boarding school. Later entrusted into the care of its old boys, it expanded, matured and ultimately returned to its founder, St Andrew's College. Written by LORRAINE MULLINS Grandson of the first Headmaster, Old Preppie, Teacher, Housemaster, Second Master, Chairman of the Board and Member of the Board of Governors. This limited signed edition can be purchased from Anusha Ranchhod at COST: R360

In addition, we wish the author Lorraine Mullins a very happy 80th birthday for Sunday 22 February!

Forthcoming events

Please diarise these dates and look out for invitations which will be sent to you closer to the time. 

28 — 31 May 2015: The Reunion for 1975, 1985, 1990 & 1995 Old Andreans includes special Prep 130th activities. For the 1985 matric class, this will be a special reunion as they left Prep 30 years ago when Prep celebrated its Centenary!
This reunion group can look forward to a steak evening at the Jimmy & Arthur Mullins Clubhouse, assembly with the boys in Memory Hall, Prep Parade, the School Hymn and Prep song. Pipers Ross Wortley, David Fick and Callum Southey will welcome guests to a special tea on Robert House lawns, followed by the Prep Ramble around campus.
24 July 2015: Prep's Art & Music Evening. All Old Preppies in the Eastern Cape are invited, as well as current parents. Cocktails and drinks will be served in a marquee outside, in which will stand various easels of art for auction. During the course of the evening, the art will be auctioned and a raffle drawn. 

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