Why should I give

alanthompson1_sml.jpg (450×299)Countless Old Andreans are the beneficiaries of those whose toil and vision built up our great school. Our heritage is our greatest gift. Everywhere we are reminded of generations of College boys and staff who have gone before us, leaving a richness of tradition, resources and community that is second to none. They have left us a sacred treasure, and it is our duty to protect it, grow it, and hand it forward to the next generation better for us having been a part of it.

We have come a long way in 160 years. St Andrew’s College stands proud as one of South Africa’s leading schools, with an international reputation for providing an outstanding, holistic education. Our deep traditions and strong ethos gives us stable roots, our innovative teaching environment must give our boys wings in a competitive global environment, that they may go out into the world and flourish.

There remains so much to be done. For a school that is not growing its resources is a school that is stagnating. We owe it to current and future Andreans that we are equipped to provide educational facilities that are equivalent to, or better, than the best in the world.

World class facilities are not a luxury. For us to be sustainable in our price bracket requires of us excellence. Good enough is simply not good enough.

In a complex world of relative wealth, St Andrew’s is in many ways a ‘rich’ school, yet our fee income only just covers our operational and bursary costs. To achieve excellence we ask for your support, that we are able to create a world class, Christian school that sets standards of excellence for our boys – an asset to our community, serving the Eastern Cape, South Africa and the world.

There is, forever, a part of us that is St Andrew’s College. It is my prayer that, each to his or her means, we may give something of ourselves back.