2020 KZN Events

Dear OA’s and ODSG’s

March is a busy month for with three events on the calendar starting with out with the Durban monthly drinks meeting, a St Patrick’s day shindig in the middle, and a Crossways Connect to finish it all off.

1) Durban monthly drinks, The Aviator, La Lucia, 22 Davallen Ave, La Lucia, 4051

Wednesday 4th March 17h30 – 19h00

2) Durban Caledonian Society Pipe Band, Shamrock and Thistle Concert,

Saturday 12th March CLICK HERE for details

3) Crossways Connect, Hilton

Thursday 26th March, 17h30 – 20h30

A special date to diarise is Wednesday, 2 September when we will be hosting the Headmasters of both College and DSG in KZN.

A quick comment two remarkable achievements. In late January Lewis Pugh completed a 1km swim underneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet in a meltwater tunnel, and OA John Dempster (A2012) rowed solo across the Atlantic in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

It took John 63 days to complete the roughly 5,000km paddle – clearly not something for the faint-hearted. He chose to name his boat Nec Aspera Terrent which seems very apt given the nature of his endeavour. Congratulations to John on his very credible fourth position. We’re sure he’ll improve on this next time around.

We have a diverse  and remarkable OA/ODSG community in KZN. Next month we will begin a series of profiles of local OA’s and ODSG’s to help everyone get to know the local OA/ODSG community a bit better. Continuing with the nautical theme, one of first will include an eye-witness account of the South African navy attempting to divert the USS Nimitz with a daring ramming manoeuvre. Which seems a bit like trying to bok-drol-spoeg a charging bull elephant, but anyway, Nec Aspera Terrent apparently!

Look forward to seeing you at The Aviator Wednesday!