The Douglas Smith Scholarship to Cambridge University

Douglas Smith was appointed Cricket Professional at St Andrew’s College in 1904 and he continued coaching College cricketers until his death in 1949. A few years before his death he made arrangements for a bequest to fund a scholarship to Cambridge University along the same lines as the Rhodes Scholarship. This scholarship is only awarded approximately once every five years.

St Andrews College Douglas Smith Scholars

1952 Eugene Charles Neser
1954 Roderick Sanders Walford Dowling
1957 Michael Patrick Jennett
1958 Peter Malcolm Searle
1960 Norman Douglas Alexander Hardie
1962 Ronald Arthur Gray Sommerville
1964 Thomas Maxwell
1966 John Arnold Kuys Jarvis
1968 John Mervyn Wingfield
1970 Richard Hugh Morton
1972 Richard Dennis Hudson
1974 Paul Julian Harper
1976 Robert John Ashcroft
1979 Antony Roy Clark
1983 Andrew Fergus Knight
1989 Timothy Edward Carson
1992 Graham John Bird
1994 William Grahame Rush
2000 Mark Charles Bilbe
2005 Nicholas Peter Marshall
2009 Geoffrey Richmond Wilmot
2014 Thomas Fitzpatrick Niven
2017 James D’Urban Godlonton