The hard way down

17th June 2020

Long before the advent of Google Maps, decades before cellphones and almost 40 years exactly before the introduction of the first Defender, South African Robin Halse (Armstrong 1948 PM) set out on an overland adventure of epic proportions. Read all about his transcontinental journey from London to South Africa HERE.

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Leen Remmelzwaal's(Mullins 2004) COVID-19 dashboard expands globally!

29th May 2020

When confronted with crisis it is often the simple solutions that resonate most deeply with people Leen Remmelzwaal a PhD candidate in computational neuroscience at the University of Cape Town UCT discovered this first-hand when a dashboard he designed to offer South Africans a comprehensive overview of the latest coronavirus ...

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The story of St Andrew's College and the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918

27th May 2020

Throughout our -year old history St Andrew's College has faced some extraordinary challenges one of which was surviving the flu epidemic in The current COVID- crisis has forced us to suspend all activity on our campus but it is not the first time this has happened at College as years ...

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Rise to the Clarion Call

3rd April 2020

A lovely message of hope, love and goodwill to the world from SOUTH AFRICA. Composed, written and produced by Mathieu Eschmann & Nick Neil-Boss (Armstrong 1966).Listen to it HERE!

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Hole in One!

2nd April 2020

Well done Matt Barlow (Armstrong 2018)! Please share your hole in one stories with us at!

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Walter Scott Prize Nomination - A Sin of Omission

1st April 2020

Congratulations to Honorary OA Marguerite Poland on being shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize for her book A SIN OF OMISSION The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction is one of the most prestigious literary prizes in the world First awarded in the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction honours ...

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Chapel Windows restoration

3rd March 2020

Over the past three weeks a professional team has been renovating more of the chapel’s stained-glass windows The lead in the windows was showing signs of oxidising cracks the putty had dried out and the outer wooden frames to protect the windows were now becoming brittle The restorers closed up ...

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John Dempster (Armstrong 2012) rows across the Atlantic Ocean

14th February 2020

Well done to solo rower John Dempster (Armstrong 2012) of Watering The Mind on completing the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2019, the World’s Toughest Row in 63 days, 9 hours, 14 minutes. He has rowed 3,000 miles (4 800km!) across the Atlantic Ocean! CONGRATULATIONS John - we are proud of you! NEC ASPERA TERRENT

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Is this the time to buy property?

11th February 2020

Is this the time to buy property We all know the benefits of owning one’s own property Over time one accumulates wealth Rent is avoided and any monthly payments that are made are put into your own property One can improve one’s property according to one’s budget timescale and taste ...

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