Leaving your Andrean Legacy for the Future

Through various bequest appeals in the past, St Andrew’s College is honoured to have received a number of Bequest pledges and contributions from Old Andreans. As part of the Jubilee 150 celebrations, a number of Old Andreans in Grahamstown and the College Development Office have launched a Bequest Association. The major purpose is to provide more structure and coordination for Old Andreans who intend to leave a bequest to College or Prep in their Will. All existing bequestors are automatically members of the new Bequest Association. We encourage the formation of Bequest Association Committees elsewhere in South Africa and the world.

To make a bequest to College or Prep is to pledge a wonderful gift for the future. It is a tribute of your appreciation. It is a recognition that College and Prep need a steady source of capital investment if they are to continue to thrive as leading South African schools.

Click Here to Print a CODICIL - available for your guidance and the provisions can be incorporated in any subsequent updating of your Will.

What will Bequest funding be used for?
Bequests will build a capital fund whose income will be utilised at the discretion of the St Andrew’s College Council. Bursaries and Scholarships, capital projects, upgrading of infrastructure are the main areas requiring regular financial support. If desired, however, bequestors may select a specific project or allocation.

The benefits of becoming a St Andrew’s College & Prep Bequest Association member
Enjoy the benefits of becoming part of the College and Prep donor family through:

What is a Bequest?
A Bequest is an allocation of a portion of your Estate in your Will. It is a posthumous donation for which the giver may enjoy all benefits of being a donor whilst he is still alive. Bequests can be in the form of:

Why do I need a Will?
The following are the main advantages of drawing up a Will:

Tax Information
(South Africa Only)

Estates are currently free of estate duty up to R3.5million. Thereafter Estate Duty is charged at 20% and at 25% on the estates in excess of R30m. Any amount left to a recognised charity or to an educational institution, such as St Andrew’s College, is free of Estate Duty and so deducted from the net Estate value.

Please consult your financial advisor should you reside outside South Africa.

Our personal appeal to you
You are part of the Andrean family. You are one of the privileged few that have passed though the College corridors, sung in Chapel, cheered for your House teams, sat on Lower and chanted ‘College, College, College’, felt the mystical emotion of hearing the Pipe band and looking at the Clock Tower, and treasured many friendships with fellow Andreans. College continues to provide these memories. You can help others experience the indescribable feeling of forever being a College boy.

Online Giving

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