The Boy in You - by Marguerite Poland

(A Biography of St Andrew’s College 1855 - 2005)

Due to popular demand, St Andrew's College has reprinted Marguerite Poland's The Boy in You.

This coffee table book was first published by Fernwood Press in 2008 and has been reprinted by St Andrew's College and CTP Printers in 2015 with a Foreword.

The book is only available directly from St Andrew’s College and not through retailers/book stores.

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ISBN number: 978-0-620-64841-7
Publication date: September 2015
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Hardcover with dustjacket, the book is 300 x 230 mm (portrait) comprising 496 pages. It is generously illustrated with more than 400 photographs and is printed to the most exacting standards on 130 gsm matt art paper. Biographical content spans the history of College from 1855 to 2005.


When the eminent South African academic and politician, J H Hofmeyr, was invited to address the boys of St Andrew’s College in 1929 he said, ‘I hope that you will always be true to the boy in you.’ The wisdom of this statement is profound because whoever you are, whatever your station in life, there still resides in you the experience of your youth.

It is because of the boys who lived their formative years at St Andrew’s College that this book has been written – to honour a particular time in their lives and the extraordinary loyalty that they continue to demonstrate towards their school.

The Boy in You vividly captures the life-story of one of South Africa’s great historic schools. It is an educational biography of a fascinating and enduring institution. Challenged since 1855 by the harsh and fluctuating environment of the Eastern Cape and South Africa, many of the headmasters, staff and boys of this boarding school have played significant roles both nationally and internationally.

The book is far more than a formal history of a school – it breathes life into succeeding generations of Andrean boys and staff over 150 years. It is a human drama worth the telling. ‘College’ is a place of profound memory and belonging, one which remains vivid in the landscape of the heart.

Dr Marguerite Poland weaves a compelling narrative of boyhood that is at once universal and particular. The school’s story reflects several years of meticulous archival research as well as hundreds of living memories from Old Andreans – both in writing and in face-to-face interviews.

The book is a towering monument to the school – as lofty as the Clock Tower which is such a hallmark of the College.


'Researched with a scholar’s passion for accuracy; told with the skill of a novelist at the height of her powers; this is a riveting account of one of the most colourful educational institutions in South Africa. Indeed this is far and away the best ‘biography’ yet written - including its shadow sides - of any of the great schools or universities whose work, for a hundred years and more, made possible the South Africa of today.'
– Francis Wilson OA, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Cape Town; Chairman of Council University of Fort Hare.

'In reading The Boy in You I have learned infinitely more about College than I had ever known and am all the more proud of being an OA…the story of this historic educational institution and the role it played in the young history of South Africa makes for a commanding and fascinating read'
– Kennedy Maxwell OA, Headboy 1957, Rhodes Scholar 1963 and President of the Chamber of Mines 1987.

‘We are blessed to have an author of the calibre of Marguerite Poland to write a biography of College; we are fortunate to be part of a school that has thrived in such interesting times’.
– David Wylde OA, 17th Headmaster St Andrew’s College, and Champion of The Boy in You.

‘The Boy in You is like an Eastern Cape aloe in flower: steadfast, robust, beautiful and evocative’.
– Tim Nuttall OA, previous Deputy Headmaster at St Andrew’s College.