Mullins House 100 Years

Mullins House Centenary

A very warm welcome to the official webpage for the Mullins House Centenary celebrations!

Throughout the course of the Mullins House Centenary year this webpage will be used to share history, stories, photographs and memories of the House. We will also be posting updates about the various events that are being held at College to celebrate this exciting milestone in the life of Mullins House. We hope you will visit the webpage regularly as we look back on the 100 years since Mullins House was opened.

If you have any Mullins House photos, videos or stories to share, please send it to us at  

We would love to reminisce with you and share in your Mullins House memories.

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The Mullins 100 Memorabilia

The Mullins 100 Memorabilia

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The Mullins House Magazines

The Mullins House Magazines

The Mullins House magazine was the unique initiative of Mr Arthur ‘Foxy’ Knowling, First Housemaster of Mullins House. Distributed to the members and old boys of Mullins House, these records were published annually from 1924 until the early 1960s. The magazines contained news of the House, and news and updates about the Mullins House old boys who had written letters to the House,  ranging from where they were situated to the work they were doing, as well as their wedding and engagement notices.

            One of the most remarkable facts about the magazines was that the Committee and Editors elected to write and publish the magazines consisted entirely of senior Mullins House boys, meaning that there was minimal input from College staff in the production of these fascinating records.

 An e-book containing interesting and amusing extracts from some of the magazines can be browsed here: 


The flag raising ceremony and dinner

The flag raising ceremony and dinner

The launch of the Mullins House Centenary celebrations took place with the Flag Raising Ceremony on the morning of Friday 19th February 2021, bright and early at 05h45.

The Pipe Major, Arran Hepburn, performed on the bagpipes as the boys gathered on the Mullins Lawn. Mr Carl Bradfield, Housemaster of Mullins House, then welcomed those in attendance. This was followed with the 2021 Mullins Head of House, John Torcida, reading a Bible passage from the book of Deuteronomy in isiXhosa.

The College Chaplain, Rev Richard Wyngaard, led a prayer and blessed the Mullins House Centenary Flag. Aiden Wood then read Tennyson’s poem, In Memoriam (Ring out, wild bells), while the College bell was rung 100 times to signify the century of the life of Mullins House.

At the conclusion of this dignified and moving ceremony, the Centenary Flag was raised by Coel Trollip and Owethu Daniels, while Ntsikana’s Bell, written by the Xhosa prophet Ntsikana kaGabha, was sung by Zenande Simani, accompanied by members of the Chamber Choir.

The Mullins House Centenary Dinner was held on the evening of Saturday 20th February 2021. The dinner was attended by the boys of Mullins House, the Headmaster Mr Alan Thompson and his wife Gwynneth, the Housemaster Mr Carl Bradfield, tutors and staff. Mr Bradfield welcomed everyone and the Grace was said by Rev Wyngaard. After the main course of beef fillet, the St Andrew’s Headmaster gave an address. Toasts and a vote of thanks were then said, before the dinner was concluded with the serving of sticky toffee pudding for dessert. A most enjoyable evening of celebration was had by the boys and all in attendance.

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