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2nd Mar 2022

Old Andrean, Dr Peter Bunton, celebrates his 100th birthday

Old Andrean, Dr Peter Bunton, celebrates his 100th birthday DR PETER HENRY BUNTON (Espin, 1939) – Born 2 March 1922 Dr Peter Henry Bunton grew up on Elim Farm in Addo with his brother, John, and sister Pauline. He lost his father when very young. Peter and his brother, John, attended Mrs Hutton’s Farm School, […]

19th Apr 2021

Message from the OA Club General Committee

At the AGM of the OA Club on 21st November 2020, Mark Cotton (Graham 1991) announced that due to work commitments he would not be available for re-election as Vice-President of the OA Club.  The 2020 OA President, Myles Ruck (Armstrong 1972) thanked Mark for the enormous effort and commitment he has put into the […]

9th Feb 2021

Dr Marguerite Poland, President of the Old Andrean Club, reflecting on the challenges and triumphs of a different era

Once upon a time, College boys were obliged to write letters home every Sunday night. Nowadays the boys impressions disappear in cyberspace, their quirks of spelling and grammar corrected for them, their unique handwriting lost. And yet, if those letters from a hundred years ago show how much has changed, they also show how much […]