40 Year Leavers’ Reunion

2022 | 40 Year Leavers’ Reunion

Classes: 1980, 1981 and 1982

The following OAs will be attending their 40 Year Leavers’ Reunion:

Invitee surname Invitee name House
Millard Tony Graham
Macrae Tony Mullins
Amm Pete Upper
Cooper Rob Armstrong
Golding Andrew Armstrong
Parkes George Espin
Emary Steven Graham
Copeland Dave Mullins
Whyte Nicky Upper
Loggie Murray Mullins
Smith John Espin
De Jager Tic Graham
Invitee surname Invitee name House
Collier Jem Graham
Paterson Andrew Merriman
Morrell John Armstrong
Sheard James Merriman
Meltzer Mel Mullins
Bowker John Upper
Thesen Chris Espin
Ritchie Mark Graham
Lane Chris Armstrong
Ford John Upper
Orams Mark Armstrong
Price Adrian Upper
Nevay Gordon Espin
Hattingh Michael Armstrong
Blaine Robert Upper
Brown Oscar Armstrong
Wyrley-Birch David Armstrong
Hogg Andrew Espin
Plumbridge Glen Armstrong
Mackenzie Grant Espin
Murray Dave Upper
Petersen Hilton Mullins
Whyte Digby Upper
Tim  Carson Armstrong
Lane Richard Armstrong
Thomson Hamish Armstrong
Campbell Sean Armstrong
Leach Graeme Espin
Orphanides Nick Graham
Mullins Adrian Upper
Herold William Armstrong
Campbell Sean Armstrong
Clark Brett Upper

Attention: To register for this event, please RSVP to the electronic invitation you have received in your personal inbox. If you have not received your invitation, please contact Bridget Rippon at b.rippon@sacschool.com