50 Year Leavers’ Reunion

2022 | 50 Year Leavers’ Reunion

Classes: 1970, 1971 and 1972

The following OAs will be attending their 50 Year Leavers’ Reunion:

Invitee surname Invitee name House
Levick Patrick Armstrong
Betts Mike  Mullins
Ainslie Rob Upper
Schuster Richard Graham
Lister Rob Armstrong
Gradwell Keith Mullins
van Alphen-Stahl Dave Armstrong
Delson Stuart Espin
Bennett Andrew Upper
Levey Guy Upper
Currie Richard Armstrong
Austin Rodney Upper
Invitee surname Invitee name House
Wienand Brett Upper
Boustred Murray Upper
Harper Paul Merriman
Almon John Upper
Ainslie Lochart Upper
Schuster Thomas Graham
Franklin Anthony Mullins
Pringle Johnnie Espin
Hansen Paul Armstrong
Warren Christopher Merriman
Pringle Alex Upper
Chase Allan Mullins
Beal-Preston Richard Upper
Invitee surname Invitee name House
Gunton Tony Armstrong
King Dave Upper
Hird Pete Upper
Herold Dawie Armstrong
Wilson Grenville Mullins
Ruck Myles Armstrong
Brewer  Tony Armstrong
White Mark Upper
Mullins Dave Espin
Northcote Ed Merriman
Heeger Jonathan Mullins
Inggs Eric Merriman
Hodson Alan Espin
Hellings Rob Mullins
Stephenson John Upper
Maree Jacko Upper
Melvill Rob Armstrong
Poorter Anthony Armstrong
Rivett Kelvin Merriman
Bailey John Espin
Lishman Roger Mullins
Cole Shaughan Upper
Fraser Jones Quentin Merriman
Koch Fred Mullins

Attention: To register for this event, please RSVP to the electronic invitation you have received in your personal inbox. If you have not received your invitation, please contact Bridget Rippon at b.rippon@sacschool.com