Old Andrean, Dr Peter Bunton, celebrates his 100th birthday

Old Andrean, Dr Peter Bunton, celebrates his 100th birthday

DR PETER HENRY BUNTON (Espin, 1939) Born 2 March 1922

Dr Peter Henry Bunton grew up on Elim Farm in Addo with his brother, John, and sister Pauline. He lost his father when very young.

Peter and his brother, John, attended Mrs Hutton’s Farm School, travelling to school and back on horseback everyday through the bush.

In 1934, Peter started at St Andrew’s Prep School, while his older brother John started Std 6 at St Andrew’s Senior School. They were known as the Bunting boys.

While at St Andrew’s, he played for the Ist XV rugby team and was active in the boxing team, he received colours for both sports.

He held leadership positions of prefect in his final year of school and Corporal in the Cadet Corp.

Peter enjoyed his years at St Andrew’s; he is very proud of St Andrew’s and of being an old Andrean.

He has very fond memories of his school years and the good friends he made there.

In 1940, he started studying Veterinary Science, but his studies were interrupted by World War ll, where he served in the South African artillery (5th field Brigade) in North Africa. He was present at the first battle of El Alamein, July 1942.

Later he was transferred into the Gordon Highlanders where he served as an officer. He was wounded in ltaly and returned to South Africa in 1945 to resume his Veterinary Science degree, which he completed at Onderstepoort.

The family lost John at the battle of El Alamein.

Peter returned to Elim Farm in Addo and combined farming the family Citrus farm and practising as a Vet for 67 years. He was also a very active member of the Addo Polo Club and represented South Africa as a Springbok Polo Player.

Peter had a great interest in wildlife and conservation and was the first pro deo Vet for Addo National Park and was involved with the translocation and release of animals, including rhino, into the Park.

Peter was very proud of his School.

He served his country and served his community.

He is an Old Andrean of whom we can be proud.

Dr Brian Rippon (Armstrong 1956)

January 2022 (Sadly, Brian Rippon passed away on 15 February 2022)