Books by OAs

Books by OAs

The St Andrew’s College Chapel
A history : 1855-2018
– by Marguerite Poland

“The Chapel is a place where hearts have thoughts”

The Chapel stands as testimony tot he faith of its builders, the courage of those to whom it became a memorial and the spirit it imbues in every College boy.

Meticulously researched and lovingly woven together by author Marquerite Poland, this is the story of a building loved and known as “the heart of the school”.

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The Boy in You
– by Marguerite Poland

(A Biography of St Andrew’s College 1855 – 2005)

Due to popular demand, St Andrew’s College has reprinted Marguerite Poland’s The Boy in You.

This coffee table book was first published by Fernwood Press in 2008 and has been reprinted by St Andrew’s College and CTP Printers in 2015 with a Foreword.

The book is only available directly from St Andrew’s College and not through retailers/book stores.

Price per copy: R850 (including VAT)
ISBN number: 978-0-620-64841-7
Publication date: September 2015
Availability: While stocks last!

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Bigger than me
– by Peter Henderson

Peter Henderson has led a remarkable life. As a frontline TV news cameraman, he covered the brutal civil conflict in South Africa during the apartheid era, the Middle East flashpoints, the Bosnia-Herzegovina civil war as well as both invasions of Iraq. In doing so, not only were he and his team almost always first on the scene, Henderson radically transformed cumbersome television news-gathering into highly mobile units that could broadcast live from anywhere in the world.His company was the first to transmit on-the-spot coverage of the Rwandan genocide to a shocked world in 1994. It is also thanks to his digitalization of satellite news feeds that global audiences watched America’s “shock and awe” bombing of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in real-time.Not only a frontline journalist, he is also a true adventurer-entrepreneur, coming within a heartbeat of starting the first civilian airline in Iraq after the 2002 invasion (he was dubbed the ‘Branson of Baghdad’) as well as establishing a cellphone network for a charismatic guerrilla leader in the jungles of war-torn South Sudan.His life has been a rollercoaster ride of adrenaline-fuelled adventure; from being thrown into a South Sudanese jail and shot at on the disputed Kashmiri border, to audaciously hiring former Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s private jet while filming the breakup of the Soviet Union.This fascinating memoir, told from a ringside seat of history, provides an intimate record of the dying decades of last century, the birth of the current one, and the extraordinary challenges of the present.


Evidence for the Christian Faith
– by Michael Arnold

Have you ever heard anyone deride the Christian faith as a fairy tale? Or claim that there’s no evidence for it at all? Mock that it’s a whole lot of hot air… complete rubbish?
Would you have the faintest idea how to answer such charges? Or perhaps YOU are the one who has made these claims!

Then this book is for you. It will either strengthen you in your faith, equip you to be ready to defend your faith, or challenge you to have the courage to actually look at the evidence with an open mind.

“Clearly written and closely argued… eloquent in its simplicity, impressive in the wide range of scholarship it covers, and powerfully persuasive in the conclusion to which the reader is led” – Paul Walters, Emeritus Professor, Rhodes University

The Upside of Down
– by Bruce Whitfield

Next time you go to a conference or hire a consultant to be told, ‘We live in a VUCA [Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous] world,’ leave the room. You are wasting your time. Next time you go to a conference or hire a consultant to be told, ‘We live in a VUCA [Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous] world,’ leave the room. You are wasting your time. In a world of fake news, deep-fakes, manipulated feeds of information and divisive social-media agendas, it’s easy to believe that our time is the most challenging in human history.

It’s just not true. It is a time of extraordinary opportunity. But only if you have the right mindset. Fear of the future breeds inaction and leads to strategic paralysis. We put off decisions until we can have certainty. We look for signals. We wait. And while we do that, the world moves on around us.

Problem solvers thrive in chaotic and uncertain times because they act to change their future. Winners recognise that in a world of growing uncertainty, you need to resort to actions on things you can control. And the only things over which you have absolute control are your attitude and your mindset.

These, in turn, determine the actions you will take and that will define your future. A robust mindset is the one common characteristic Bruce Whitfield has identified in two decades of interrogating how South Africa’s billionaires and start-up mavericks think differently. They are not naive Polly-Annas. They don’t ignore risk or hope that problems will go away. They constantly measure, manage, consider and weigh up opportunities in a tumultuous sea of uncertainty and find ways around obstacles.


– Kennedy Maxwell

For many years since my retirement from executive employment at Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Company at the end of 1994, I have at odd times written various chapters towards a book of reflections on my life’s experiences. The idea emanated from the Jewish tradition of writing a letter to one’s family before passing on.Towards the end of 2014 when I was wondering just how to proceed, two of my friends recommended that I write a ‘short version’.This book is the result of that recommendation… it being my intention to try and collate several chapters into a full version of My Guiding Hand during 2016.

–    by Harry Birrell

This is the story of a school founded in 1874 on the Eastern Frontier of the Cape Colony, South Africa, the story of a girls’ school founded at a time when education for young women had just begun to be taken seriously by a few women (and fewer men) who could see sufficiently ahead of their own times. It is the story of the principles on which that school was founded, of its early struggle to survive, and of its growth over 125 years of turbulent world and South African history.

Throw off the Bowlines
– by Doug Sutherland

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines,  sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore, Dream, Discover. –  Mark Twain

Picture this:  A successful  Johannesburg businessman of 35, with an accomplished young wife of 30, and three children aged 8, 6 and 3, suddenly sells everything – house in Rivonia, shares in the business, cars, the lot – and with his family embarks on an adventure most of us can only dream of!

The year is 1976, and the Sutherland family are away – they buy a world-famous 36-ton, 50 foot (16 m) yacht named Gaucho in Buenos Aires and set off on a four-year adventure, sailing up the coast of South America and all around the Caribbean!

As Doug puts it: “As I stood on the deck at the start of our first solo voyage, with the Sugar Loaf Mountain passing on our starboard side, I thought ‘How did the five of us come to be facing the huge Atlantic Ocean all alone?’ ”

The story of this epic adventure is wonderfully and intimately told through the medium of dozens of letters the couple wrote home to concerned and disbelieving parents back in South Africa.

Storms and even hurricanes, many windless and frustrating days, stunningly beautiful anchorages and islands, eccentric fellow “yachties”, close encounters with the Queen, Princess Margaret and Robert de Niro, vexatious bureaucrats, a robust social life while in port, (even a revolution!) and the challenges of feeding, raising and educating three lively and energetic young children within the confines of a 16 m yacht, are all part of this great story.

The adventure ends when Gaucho is sold in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, in 1979, and the family returns to a “normal” life in South Africa, having forged a bond often denied most families.

– by Charles Gardner

The publishing this year of King of the Jews (Christian Publications International), my fourth book on Israel in seven years, is the product of a combination of influences in my life including my time at College. Though mainly borne out of my Christian faith, it also builds on my fascination with history (thanks to the inspired teaching of Jannie Breytenbach) and politics.

I have a clear memory of the day in June 1967 – in the Upper House common room – when I read, in the Eastern Province Herald, the dramatic news of Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War amid pictures of soldiers rejoicing that the holy sites were in their hands for the first time in nearly 2,000 years. I somehow knew it was highly significant.

Although I am part-Jewish, there is a sense in which all Christians have Jewish heritage since the Bible says that, by faith in the Jewish Messiah, we are “grafted in” to the natural olive tree that is Israel. My book demonstrates how Jesus is the complete fulfilment of the Jewish Tanakh (what we call the Old Testament) and ponders the significance of what that means for both Jews and Gentiles.

St. Andrew’s College Grahamstown 1855-1955
– by R. F. Currey

This is the tale of a South African school founded a hundred years ago in the full tide of those Arnold reforms which were to bring so many famous schools to the birth in nineteenth century England. But St Andrew’s College was set up on the Eastern Frontier of South Africa as it then was; in what was a Military Headquarters through the long series of frontier wars. For Grahamstown lies at what was the point of impact between the European Settlers coming in from the west and from overseas and the African tribes pressing down from the north and east. So, the school had a stormy infancy; and there were further storms ahead in the ‘colonial’ period that was to follow. Emerging from these cramping conditions St Andrew’s stands today, on the threshold of its second century, as a completely South African school which is yet not unmindful of the rock whence it is hewn.

The Time of Our Lives: St Andrew’s College 1855-1990
– By Terry Stevens

This book is dedicated to all members of the three school family, including the unknown, unmentioned, or unsung, who, through a disciplined and dedicated approach, are determined to make our beloved country one in which all South Africans can walk tall with pride.

Eight months in the Veneto: A story of the endurance and courage of British Liaison Officers with the partisans in the mountains of the Veneto, Italy. 1944-45
–    by Peter Elliott

In May 1945, Italy was liberated. By that time the Italian resistance movement had emerged as a strong force, empowered with the help of agents of Britain’s Special Operations Executive. A number of British Liaison Officers lived and campaigned alongside the partisans throughout the hard winter of 1944/1945 to help them make a significant contribution to the final military campaign.This book casts light on the activities of two missions, SIMIA, led by the world-renowned mountaineer, Bill Tilman, and GELA, led by a brave Southern African adventurer, Paul Brietsche. It paints a clear picture of the nature of their missions, and the hazards they, and the partisans, faced throughout that time.It captures the atmosphere by drawing on the first-hand accounts of the leading men of these two missions, particularly those of Bill Tilman, John Ross, Paul Brietsche and Richard Tolson. It also reconstructs from a miscellany of sources the wholly undocumented story of the Old Andrean Norman Norton, English language interpreter, and captures the participation of his opposite number Victor Gozzer, Italian interpreter. Only Tilman’s story has, to date, had any sustained public airing, and this account draws on the private archives of three other participants in order to complete the picture and to put this into the context of the story of Britain’s secret war in Italy.

The Ultimate Companion for Birding in Southern Africa
– By Peter Ginn & Geoff McIlleron

A double-volume large format coffee table book set, ‘The Ultimate Companion for Birding in Southern Africa’ provides the most spectacular collection of southern African bird photographs ever assembled, this visually stunning two-volume book showcases our abundant birdlife in all its stunning diversity.With more than 1400 photographs of all 960 bird species ever recorded in the region, the book captures the birds in their natural habitats and reveals some of their interesting and unusual behaviour.Complemented by fascinating descriptions and interesting observations from 18 of southern Africa’s top birding authorities, ‘The Ultimate Companion for Birding in Southern Africa’ has been put together in a unique and easy to read format that can be understood and enjoyed by anyone, bird-watcher or beginner alike.

Basic Bird ID
– By Peter Ginn & Geoff McIlleron

Basic Bird ID offers a down-to-earth system for newcomers to the field of birding, using a proven formula that remains valid even among experienced birders.

The Bell Note


A collaborative work by past rowers, coaches andthe rowing parents support group.

Celebrating 60 years of Rowing History

Saving the Last Rhinos: The Life of a Frontline Conservationist 
– By Grant Fowlds & Graham Spence

‘Endangered means we still have time, but extinction is forever’– Grant FowldsIn 2016 the number of rhinos poached in South Africa stood at 1,054 (Department of Environmental Affairs). In 2017, 529 rhinos had been slaughtered by 24th July. In the last nine years, over 6,100 rhinos have been poached in South Africa leaving fewer than 19,000 white, and 2,000 black rhinos in the country. The situation is critical.Grant Fowlds is a passionate conservationist who puts himself in the front line, on the ground, where it matters. He is deeply focused on highlighting the vast increase in rhino poaching, a scourge which has placed these mighty animals under serious threat of extinction. He is a partner of Rhino Art with the founder, philanthropic adventurer, Kingsley Holgate. Rhino Art – ‘Let the children’s voices be heard’ – Project’s aim is to gather the largest number of children’s ‘Art Voices’ ever recorded, in support of Rhino Protection, and to use these ‘Hearts and Minds’ messages from the children of Africa as a worldwide call to action against rhino poaching. On a broader level he works closely with all of the biggest global and local conservation agencies, including WWF.


A Flower for the Queen
– By Caroline Vermalle & Ryan von Ruben

England, 1770. Young gardener Francis Masson is asked by the King to search for a rare orange blossom in South Africa. As his ship departs, Masson has no idea that he’s about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. During his hunt for the mysterious flower, he doesn’t anticipate the untamed nature of the African continent, nor the subtle scheming of competing plant hunters. As he makes the acquaintance of eccentric botanist Carl Thunberg and his elegant accompaniment, Masson’s fate once again takes an unexpected turn…A lively adventure novel set against the vibrant backdrop of the South African countryside.


The Hirsch Shield by A.H. (Sam) Gunn

A Century of Boys’ Inter-Schools Athletics in the Eastern Cape1917 – 2017.

‘Back From the Brink’ by Michael Edwardes.

His play-by-play account on the five-year rescue of British Leyland.

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Thundering Smoke by RG Pattison

A comprehensive il;ustrated review of the locomotives of Rhodesia railways and national railways of Zimbabwe.

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Journal of the Naval Heritage Society of South Africa- By Rear Admiral M.R. Terry-Lloyd


My Bargain

– An autobiography by Geoffrey Winston Palmer

Bird Safari
– By Peter Ginn

This book is an account of Peter Ginn’s various travels across southern Africa in search of birds.

 The Story of EARTH & LIFE
– By Terence McCarthy & Bruce Rubidge

Geographically speaking, southern Africa is a treasure house of valuable minerals with a geological history dating back some 3,600 million years. In addition, the evolution of plants and animals, especially mammals and dinosaurs, is well preserved in the region, which also probably has the best record of the origin of modern man.This book provides a fascinating insight into that remarkable history.

Birds of Botswana
– By Peter Ginn

In this book, Peter Ginn hopes to create an awareness of the potential for bird-watching which awaits both visitors and residents in Botswana.

Birds Afield   (Bundu Series)
– By Peter Ginn

A field guide for those who are just beginning to develop an interest in bird watching.

Birds of the Highveld   (Bundu Series)
– By Peter Ginn

This book is mainly for the beginner who wishes to watch birds in the field, with emphasis on the field characters of each bird. A field character is any feature of the bird which can be observed in the field and includes habitat, the size and shape of the bird, the colours, and so on.

Birds of the Lowveld   (Bundu Series)
– By Peter Ginn

This is the third book in the Bundu Series and is designed as a companion to Birds of the Highveld, which a similar format and describing birds under particular habitats.

Garden Birds of Southern Africa
– By Peter Ginn & Geoff McIlleron

This book is designed for the novice bird-watcher who would like to identify the birds in the garden.

More Garden Birds of Southern Africa
– By Peter Ginn & Geoff McIlleron

This volume is also aimed at the novice bird-watcher, like Peter Ginn and Geoff McIlleron’s first volume. The two books complement each other.

Local Colour
– By Stephen Gray

A book spliced together out of many stories, from many periods, told over and over again. It deals with gentle human hopes, nostalgia, driving, unspeakable lusts, and the awful contaminations of life embedded in a tangled past, facing a bleak future.

War Child
– By Stephen Gray

Stranded in a southern Cape fishing village during the Second World War, a mother and her son are obliged to deal with a sweep of dramatic events that threaten to overwhelm them. Silver Town, a placid backwater, is the setting of this story of gradual breakdown and collapse.


Dale Elliott’s self-titled art book is available to purchase.

The Elliott Family has put together, in this 168-page book, a collection of more than 200 of some of his favourite works with anecdotes and stories of Dale’s inspired life.

The book is available from the Elliott Art Gallery, 80 Main Street, Villiersdorp or contact Dale Elliott directly HERE.


Britain’s role in Israel’s restoration

Charles Gardner reports:
As Israel celebrates the 70th anniversary of her re-birth in 1948, I have personally added my own contribution to their joy with a new book.

A Nation Reborn: Britain’s role in Israel’s restoration is published by Christian Publications International (also available from Amazon) and is an attempt to bring clarity and truth to the hot potato that is Middle East politics.

As a journalist of more than 40 years who was conceived in Cape Town just months after the Jewish state was born, I have witnessed the miracle or modern Israel on three memorable visits within the last five years.

And in my semi-retirement from newspaper journalism, I am privileged to volunteer for the Church’s Ministry among Jewish people, who have been working towards the spiritual restoration of Israel for over 200 years.

One of our great callings as Gentile Christians is to bring comfort to God’s chosen people, who have experienced so much suffering at the hands of those who hate them, just as Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, was despised and rejected of men.

Yet out of the ashes of the Holocaust – a valley of dry bones – rose a new nation reflecting something of the resurrection power of Christ. Surviving a series of wars against overwhelming odds to emerge as a world leader in hi-tech innovation and much else besides has been nothing short of miraculous.

Another miracle is surely the way God has been able to use me as a “skilful writer” (Psalm 45.1) despite loathing essays at school, getting caned for not reading my holiday set book and struggling with the subject of English generally – though I did have a poem published in The Andrean.

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Bent Thumb Thinking: A smart person’s guide to an adventurous life. Written by a not-so-smart person
– Graham Crossan

It all started in the back of a Land Rover, a very appropriate place to begin an adventure. Graham was off on a holiday with wife, daughter, son-in-law and sixyear- old grandson, James.

This was not just a drive down the highway. Ahead and way into the distance stretched a road trip from Melbourne to Bundaberg. An arduous trip for an adult – even worse for a child, but he was equipped with a DVD player and ten movies to entertain him along the way.

What transpired, however, was a storytelling marathon by Graham, spurred on by young James, who quickly discarded digital devices for the real thing.

Twenty hours there and twenty hours returning, the stories continued – a hundred or more. These were not fictitious children’s stories, but real life events in what has been a life filled with adventure.

Converted into a blog titled Bent Thumb Thinking, the stories are now being read around the world by thousands of readers. So, from that tiny world inside the Land Rover, where four people sat listening, laughing and occasionally shaking their heads in disbelief, the audience has expanded dramatically.  

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I’ll Sing You One-Oh!
– by LORRAINE MULLINS (Armstrong, 1953)

Lorraine (Moon) Mullins has completed a history of Prep covering the period 1885 to 2010, and entitled “I’ll Sing You One-Oh!”. It is a coffee-table book beautifully designed by his daughter, Jocelyn Wortley (Old DSG). If you want one, please contact Anusha Ranchhod at Prep (

Lorraine Mullins’s book is a not only a work of scholarship but also an intimate tale of loyalty and love:
characteristics which distinguish not only the author himself but the staff and childrenof whom he writes so warmly. – Marguerite Poland

For the full Foreword by Marguerite Poland click here

The Excavations: A History of the End of the World. 
by James Whyle  (Merriman, 1973)

“A biblical comedy, a millennial carnival, a strange dispatch from beyond the rapture.””A crazy-ass futuristic book.”Jack Delfan is an unwitting Noah who has turned his back on the world of men. He lives in an oil tanker in a sea of sand. He believes in digging. When a son, Hob, is delivered to him, Delfan teaches the boy how to use a spade and read the book. Delfan is a difficult father and refuses to tell Hob who his mother is. Then the Gcwi come.Hob and the Gcwi set out on a quest to find Hob’s mother. It is a journey that is destined to break Hob’s heart. There are times when a broken heart is what it takes.The Excavations is a savage, explicit, coming-of-age tale. It delves into the history of the world, and into its future. It is a prophecy of what will come if we fail to confront the results of climate change and imploding capitalism.

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The Forgotten Feast

Michael Arnold (“Geoff”), who taught at College from 1965 to 1993, has just published his first book at the age of 72!

There have been many books on grace, but not many that anchor it to covenant in a systematic examination of Scripture.  But which covenant?  And in which one are we living?  Old or New?

In this book you will discover:  why grace is best understood in the context of covenant, why it is imperative to “give away grace”, why we tend to go back to law and self-effort, why the Feast of Unleavened Bread is so important and why holiness and grace go hand in hand.

“I wrote the first draft in 1993 so I hope the second book is quicker.  Seriously, I loved my time at College teaching English, Latin, French and Greek (if I could find a pupil!), coaching cricket, hockey and rugby, directing plays and taking societies.  But I’m most grateful for the fact that it was at College that I came to real faith through three of my own  Matric pupils. I then took Divinity classes for many years.  This journey finally resulted in ordination,  school chaplaincy and a book!”

The Forgotten Feast and the Covenant of Grace is published by Vineyard International.  It is available from Karmal Books Online or by contacting Michael at

Your Loving Son, Yum

They may have been ‘men’ who fought (and died) for their countries but many of the millions who participated in the First World War were, in fact, still very much ‘boys’. One of them was Grahame Alexander Munro (St Andrew’s College 1911 – 1913), just 18  when he enlisted. This charming collection of two years of his letters home reveals the boy within the man.

‘You ought to see the German equipment. It is simply splendid.’‘Yesterday we went out hunting & had a great time. About twenty of us went out in all. I had no luck in seeing anything to fire at but some men got some fine buck, hartebeest and impala.’

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The Keeper

Written in the exquisite, haunting prose for which Marguerite Poland is renowned, The Keeper is the story of two generations of lighthouse keepers – men obsessed by their duty to the light – and the wives who accompany them into a life of frightening isolation. The Keeper is a novel about the power of secrets, the power of love, and the power of stories.

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Numbers in our Lives
– NEIL WRIGHT (Armstrong 1961)

This book tackles the massive subject of numbers in our lives head on. From the bones in our bodies to the bucks in the bank. This book is a must read for the curious, a book every South Africa should have.
Click here for the interview with the author about the book.
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Valleys of Silence: Into the Rwandan Genocide
– HAMILTON WENDE (Armstrong 1979)

Experienced journalist Hamilton Wende shares the personal diary he kept during his time as a reporter covering the Rwandan genocide. Read about his firsthand experience of the atrocities that took place.
Click here for the Sunday Times excerpt from the book.
EAN: 9781928216223
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The King’s Shilling
– HAMILTON WENDE (Armstrong 1979)

There are two kinds of wars: one is external, a public war for all the world to witness; the other intensely private, glimpsed at by only a few.
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My Brother & I
– C.J. (JONTY) DRIVER (Upper 1957)

Price: £6.99pb   Winner of the KUP Short Biography Competition
The story of a family of British descendants and their position within South African segregated society through the lives of two brothers. Jonty Driver, activist, schoolmaster, novelist and poet writes a moving elegy for his brother Simon in this strikingly memorable personal tale, one of the winners of the KUP Short Biography Competition For a fuller description, visit our distributor and click on Kingston University Press

The Land Within
 – ALISTAIR MORGAN (Armstrong 1988)

After an unexpected request from his father, Henry Knott returns to the Karoo farm on which he spent a fractured childhood. Painful memories force him to revisit a tragedy in which he was fatefully implicated. Henry has to come to terms with how this event has shaped his adult life, his marriage and the conflicted emotions he feels towards the place of his birth. Award winning author Alistair Morgan’s The Land Within traces the deep connections between tragedy and love, regret and longing.
Alistair is the first non American to win the Plimpton prize.

Published by Penguin Books.
Cost: R170.00
ISBN: 9780143530336
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Letters to Alice
– Maurice, Ronnie, Bobby and Nicolette Bodmer

This amazing book traces the history of the Bodmer family of Grahamstown during World War II. All four of the family enlisted in the armed forces, Maurice, Bobby, Ronald and Nicolette. Bobby was reported missing in September 1941 when his plane was shot down over the Mediterranean. The other three members of the family survived the war. These are the letters they wrote home to their mother Alice Bodmer, who was a widow in Grahamstown. She kept every one of those 400 or more letters. To purchase a copy, contact Nicolette Quekett (nee Bodmer) at

Israel The Chosen
– CHARLES GARDNER (Upper 1967)
Israel threatened with another holocaust.

Seventy years after the wholesale massacre of six million European Jews in the gas ovens of Nazi Germany, a succeeding generation (and the nation of Israel in particular) are being threatened with another holocaust – this time from a different source – while a watching world looks the other way. This is the view of British journalist Charles Gardner (pictured) who has written a timely book offering some answers to the perplexing question of why a tiny country surrounded on all sides by hostile Arab nations is the focus of so much attention from politicians and the media. With a foreword by Hull City FC managing director Nick Thompson, Israel the Chosen (available direct from Amazon priced £6.99) emphasises the Jewish roots of Christianity and offers a strong defence of Israel’s position in the world. Gardner warns that his conclusions may be too unpalatable for a politically-correct world to accept, but that they deserve to be taken seriously.The 63-year-old Cape Town-born author who was educated at St Andrew’s College, Grahamstown, and now lives in the north of England, has worked in the newspaper industry for 40 years, having recently taken early retirement from South Yorkshire Newspapers, for whom he worked as sports editor of the Selby Times for the past 15 years. He was also a finalist for Premier Radio’s new media awards while editing the online newspaper from 2008-10. Part-Jewish, he grew up in South Africa and became a fully committed Christian as a young man living in London where he worked as a Fleet Street correspondent for the South African Press Association before moving to Yorkshire in 1979. He has since worked in Sheffield, Wakefield, Castleford, Doncaster, Goole and Selby, and was editor for eight years of the Hemsworth & South Elmsall Express. He is currently working on plans to launch a new UK national newspaper reporting and interpreting the news from a biblical perspective. With four children and seven grandchildren, he is married to Linda, 55, who takes the Christian message around dozens of schools in Doncaster through RE lessons, assemblies and various other projects.

Peace in Jerusalem
– CHARLES GARDNER (Upper 1967)

A behind-the-scenes, real Middle East peace process!  Arabs, Palestinians, and Jews–spiritual leaders–from all over the Middle East came to Jerusalem in spite of adversity and danger to worship together, pray for each other, and tell their stories.

Amidst the turmoil of the Middle East with virtual civil wars erupting all around, this remarkable peace process is taking place in which Arabs, Jews, and Christians are embracing one another in the name of Jesus!  A special event,  At the Crossroads,  was held to inspire pastors and other leaders from the region to connect. The results of the event help to prove that Christ is the ultimate reconciler, and that the “Prince of Peace” holds the key to a stable future in the area. Read all about this remarkable event, the time leading up to it, the organization behind it, the stories told by those who attended, and the lessons learned.

This is a Middle East peace process that does not involve politicians or bureaucrats! At its heart are believers in the One who died in Jerusalem to reconcile man to God—and each other. Charles Gardner has seen the evidence of this with his own eyes as he witnessed Arab and Jew embracing one another with arms of love, not hate. This book digs beneath the propaganda put out by a largely liberal media and tells the truth about what’s really happening as the Jewish people face yet another threat of extinction by their sworn enemies.

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Taken Captive by Birds

All my life I have been ‘taken captive by birds’. Their doings are the thread that runs through childhood, the link to people and to place. Their appearance and their presence can at once recall a name, a scent, a morning full of song and exploration; an evening sorrow, a childhood fear. For, somehow, it is the birds that saw it all: those unobtrusive harbingers whose boundaries are defined by other laws than ours but whose ancient lore remains a cipher to remembrance for me.

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Around Iceland on Inspiration
– RIAAN MANSER (Non OA but he was joined on his journey by Dan Skinstad -Espin 1999)

South Africa’s best-known adventurer Riaan Manser takes on his toughest – and coldest – challenge ever, to kayak around Iceland accompanied by Dan Skinstad, who suffers from mild cerebral palsy. Confronted by icy seas, raging winter storms and logistical nightmares, the two adventurers overcome daunting obstacles, including coming to terms with how to work together as a team. Around Iceland on Inspiration is a story about courage, friendship, determination and inspiration. It captures the true spirit of adventure and the stark beauty of Iceland. Around Iceland on Inspiration is Riaan’s story behind the controversial TV series aired in 2012 and is set to become another best-seller.

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The Equation
– MALCOLM ISTED (Espin 1965)

A revelation of the sealed timecodes of the Messiah as predicted in the Book of Daniel. ‘The Equation’ is the fruit of fourteen years of research into this mysterious and controversial saying. It will answer all your questions about the timing of future events, for they are encoded throughout the Bible – in every verse. This is a stunning declaration! But it is factual and true. If you read the book, you will find it exhaustively researched in its 450 pages. 

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Only the Dead
– HAMILTON WENDE (Armstrong 1979)

Deep in the Ugandan jungle, a mysterious new presence has infiltrated the Claws of God – a cult army of child soldiers led by the depraved General Faustin. The children are now being controlled by the sinister Papa Mephisto, and believe he is possessed by the magic and power of the lion. Psychologist Tania Richter is struggling to penetrate the minds of these dangerous and brainwashed children. She calls on Sebastian Burke who, while trying to escape his traumatic past and failed relationship, has been researching lion mythology and its tangled history in human culture. Sebastian soon finds himself embroiled in a war that extends to the conflict between Islamic extremists and the American government. With the world under threat of nuclear war and the lives of the children at stake, he and Tania must race to uncover the tangled history of lions and humans through the ages, and face its horrifying implications. 

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Book of WarThe Book of War
– JAMES WHYLE (Merriman 1973)

James Whyle takes on the war genre with an eloquent narrative and a command of language and style that  captures the fragility and bleakness of the time. There is no doubt that Whyle is a masterful storyteller. The Book of War tells the story of a boy who comes to manhood in a war. William Kentridge has called it, “a rare feast”, and Rian Malan, “a very good book, possibly great.”
An illiterate European child is stranded on the southern tip of Africa. The British and the Xhosa have been spilling each other’s blood for eighty years and the kid signs up for the conflict in the hope of steady meals and a few shillings a month. The kid’s new commander, The Captain, is hardly more than a boy himself, but he has money and education behind him. His goal is to prove that the revolutionary Minié Rifle is the most effective killing machine available to the British Empire. His instruments are an assortment of convicts, sailors and drunkards culled from the port at the Cape of Good Hope; his adversary, a strategically brilliant Xhosa general with little left to lose. The Captain and the irregulars depart on a journey towards a grotesque dénouement around a copper vat on the slopes of Mount Misery. They move through a landscape prowled by wild beasts, a landscape so savage that the mountains themselves are like “ancient artefacts whose listed purpose is slaughter”. As they travel, the distinction between man and animal becomes increasingly blurred. Although it is based closely on first-hand accounts of the 8th Xhosa War, the book creates the effect of an intense defamiliarisation of a history educated South Africans will believe themselves to be au fait with. It converts the bare facts of times past into something terrible and strange. Anyone who has asked themselves why South Africa is a violent country will find a disturbing answer in The Book of War. R150 from Jacana Media. ISBN: 9781431403479  

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The Prayer of Moses: The Moses Formula
– by FRED C H LOVEMORE (Espin, 1947)

We have been warned! The tribulation predicted by Jesus is upon us. Moses, directed by God, wrote: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. But for untold generations, mankind has placed its pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness before God. Consequently, he now finds himself in a world of escalating chaos, violence and fear, cornered against a “Red Sea” of his own making. But Moses, inspired by God, gave mankind the formula for one of the greatest prayers ever devised, a prayer (where prayer is the attaining of a state of mind or level of consciousness), which saved the Israelites at the Red Sea from possible annihilation by the Egyptians. Egypt symbolises materialism which today blinds man to his greatest heritage, namely, the awareness of his creation in the image and likeness of God, and with it his eternal oneness with the Father. We have been warned! We either heed the warning by having no “gods” before God or face the dire consequences of the end times described by Jesus. What can we do to help ourselves during these end times? We can study the Moses Formula, pray as it directs and return to worshipping God.

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The ABC of Financial Management
– by FRED C H LOVEMORE (Espin, 1947)

The ABC of Financial Management is written for those who know little or nothing about financial management, as well as for the serious investor or commercial leader. Financial statements, time value of money, the cost of capital, the management of working capital, how to make financing and investment decisions, as well as a plethora of other facets of financial analyses and management, are discussed in detail and in understandable language. The book defines and discusses financial terms, as well as the fundamentals of financial management and is of immense practical value.

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The Race is not to the Swift
– by FRED C H LOVEMORE (Espin, 1947)

Behind me I hear the fateful footsteps, the heavy breathing, the sound of someone in strained labour, approaching like a doom, and I cannot escape the awful sound. A form manifests beside me. Momentarily, we hang side by side. The wraith beside me moves relentlessly ahead … and I am relegated to the lower station.
Then the beloved face, and her voice: ‘Second place in the race but first among the elect, for this race is not to the swift.’ To order a copy CLICK HERE

Beyond Management: Taking Charge at Work
– by MARK ADDLESON (Graham, 1969)

The systems and structures that we call ‘management’ are obsolete. They were developed for smokestack factories, during the industrial era. Devised for producing goods efficiently, management practices are geared to solving technical, left-brain problems: the kind that occurs when production is highly mechanized, work is repetitive, and people labor in isolation. A century later, work has changed but management has not. It is inflexible, top-heavy, and old. In smoke-free offices, 21st Century knowledge workers organize themselves. Creative and agile, they network or team to tackle complex, right-brain problems by interacting and sharing information: talking, texting, asking questions as they make decisions collectively. Beyond Management explains why the tools, rules, competition, and compliance favored by management are actually disorganizing and cause breakdowns at work. It also shows you how to replace out-dated practices with new ones that empower knowledge workers. In Beyond Management: Taking Charge at Work, Mark Addleson goes beyond the easy platitudes of most authors on collaborative work to dig deep into the underpinnings of exactly how people work together in peer-to-peer relationships and networks.

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The South African Letters of Thomas Pringle
– by RANDOLPH VIGNE (Armstrong, 1945)

The disappearance of Thomas Pringle’s personal archive after his death is noted in the Introduction (p. xiii) to The South African Letters of Thomas Pringle, published in 2011 by the Van Riebeeck Society as No. 42 in its Second Series. Almost all the letters Pringle wrote to his family on the Eastern Cape frontier also disappeared and it has taken considerable research to find the 223 letters published in that volume. Constraints of space necessitated the exclusion of a further 26 letters, all of them written in the last nine years of Pringle’s life, which he spent in Britain. Their South African references are comparatively slight, but their biographical value makes them a valuable, electronically-published supplement to the Van Riebeeck Society volume. Due to the inter-connected character of the printed and electronic books, some footnotes in the latter refer the reader to information in footnotes to the former. Footnote 1 to letter No 1 below refers to footnotes 3 and 5 to Letter [1] in the published volume. Apart from the letter to his wife Margaret (No 12) and to his fellow Scots poet Allan Cunningham (No 18), which are solely of biographical interest, the letters here collected contribute also to the knowledge we have of Pringle’s South African connexions after he had left the country never to return, despite his dying wish to do so.

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A Passion Runs Through It
– by CHRISTOPHER MAXWELL (Armstrong, 2006)

How wonderful to have a young Old Andrean take on the challenge of producing a book! Two and half years of research, interviews and questionnaires, A Passion Runs Through It is a soft-cover 150 page book containing 53 photographs, and highlights the best of College Rugby. A St Andrew’s College Rugby Story is a story for any boy who dreams of pulling that 1st team rugby jersey over his head. It for the boys of St Andrew’s, past and present, who played rugby with pride and passion. A Passion Runs Through it documents the origin of rugby at St Andrew’s which played a big part in the origin of the sport in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. Weaving through the years, it explores the developments made during its history whilst giving full praise to the times when ‘College Rugby’ was on a high.

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Beyond the Malachite Hills
– by JONATHAN LAWLEY (Espin, 1954)

Since the heady days of decolonisation the story seems to be one of unrelenting disaster – dictatorship, ethnic conflict, civil war, and economic failure. All this has been compounded by natural disasters – including the scourge of AIDS. But there is another, less reported, story of Africa; throwing off the colonial past, gaining in pride and embracing the crucial management function; all this in the context of fruitful collaboration with Western business and increasingly, with Asian markets. Jonathan Lawley paints a vivid and convincing picture of solid political, social and economic progress. Beyond the Malachite Hills is a remarkable testament to his long-lasting and profound involvement with this often misunderstood continent.

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Iron Love

Iron LoveCharlie Fraser. For some, just a name, just a boy. For some, not even a remarkable boy. Just one of the good fellows in the House with a particular facility with a rugby ball. Call it devotion. It was as good a word as any. Why Charlie? Why not Dan or Mac or dear old Sparrow? Herbert only knew it to be so – for Charlie Fraser, despite his odd detachment, had presence. Presence. And whatever presence was, it ensured absolute devotion.The year is 1913, the place a boys’ school in colonial South Africa. For every boy, the heart of the school is his own House, his Housemaster and his particular Hero. And, for every newboy coming through the and hallowed doors, there are two commandments. The first: Silence and Denial. The second: not to fail at Footer. Validation lies in honouring these at whatever cost.

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Dinosaurs, Diamonds and Democracy
– by FRANCIS WILSON (Armstrong, 1956)

An asteroid the size of Table Mountain crashed into what was to become South Africa over 2 billion years ago, marking the spot. The country’s history since then has always been robust and full of energy. Francis Wilson’s Dinosaurs, Diamonds & Democracy takes you in record time from that moment, when the earth’s richest gold reefs were shaped, to the advent of democracy in 1994, another event that stunned the world. Along the way you will encounter some of the most ancient dinosaurs on record, the very first people on the planet, and the first cultures. You will see outsiders moving in to reshape history: hunters and gatherers, cultivators and herders, iron-workers from the north, and immigrants from Europe and Asia. They fought and made peace; they stumbled upon gold and diamonds; they rose to the heights of excellence and sunk to the depths of oppression, until on one day they all queued as equals to elect a government. That is the story marked by dinosaurs, diamonds and democracy.

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House of War
– by HAMILTON WENDE (Armstrong, 1979) (Penguin Books)

Hamilton Wende launched his new book House of War at Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg on 15th October 2009. Sebastian Burke, a British academic, has spent his whole life trying to understand the secret life of Alexander the Great and his slave bride Roxanne. Now, with the Taliban forced underground, he finally has the opportunity to undertake the journey he has dreamed of for almost his entire adult life, a journey into the heart of Alexander’s world, a journey to the lost city of Ay Khanoum in northern Afghanistan. Here, with the help of Claire Finch – a fiercely independent American documentary producer – he hopes to find and expose to the world the contents of the Royal Diaries of Alexander – the last copies of which were kept in the city before its destruction by barbarian invaders from the East. However, from the moment two American servicemen are murdered by Al Qaeda terrorists in the bar of their hotel in Tashkent it becomes clear that there is far more at stake than just Sebastian’s reputation as an historian, and what started out as a quest to validate a lifetime of academic study quickly turns into a journey of discovery that will bring Sebastian face to face with his Rhodesian past – a past he has run from for over thirty years. Hamilton is a freelance writer and television producer. He has covered fifteen different wars in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In television he has worked for a number of international networks including the BBC, NBC, ABC (Australia), SBS (Australia), NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation, Al Jazeera English and a number of others. He has also appeared on a number of radio and television programmes. Previous published works include The King’s Shilling; Deadlines from the Edge; The Quagga’s Secret; True North: African Roads Less Travelled; and Msimangu’s Words.

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 It’s Better to Laugh
– by JAMES McNAUGHTON (Armstrong, 1961)

The theme of the book is hardship and humour and there are five chapters about Prep and College covering three generations of James’ family as well as many humorous stories of Karoo farm life. Marguerite Poland writes, “I laughed out loud, wiped my eyes and enjoyed the warmth and camaraderie of Karoo life under the Tandjiesberg. Hard life, tough as ironstone – but with such a sense of community and laughter.”
Anyone who has connections with the Eastern Cape will enjoy this book!

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Some Schools
– by CJ (Jonty) Driver (Upper, 1957)

CJ (Jonty) Driver has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in education in the UK and overseas, including three headships. In this poignant memoir, he provides a compelling insight into school life, with wisdom gained from a lifetime of learning. “Jonty has written an important book which should be read by all who care about schools. No one else has had such a combined impact on politics, schools and literature. It is a remarkable story.” Sir Anthony Seldon, recently retired Master of Wellington College.The book has been very well reviewed. 

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